About Us

My name is Felicity Miller and I am the founder and director of Hands on World. I started this project because I wanted to give my children the gift of bilingualism and the experience of learning in a multicultural environment.

I had the incredible fortune of growing up as a tri-lingual, tri-cultural child. Throughout my life I have benefited immeasurably from this experience and the skills that accompany it. I wanted to give my children a similar experience by creating a space where they could explore and interpret their world in a language other than English.

As an educator, I believe that a crucial aspect of our work is to nurture and strengthen children’s innate love of learning, enabling them to become confident, life long learners. When I started Hands on World, my objective was to provide a creative space in which children were allowed to follow their curiosity, explore their questions, and discover answers that would lead them to more exploration.

When we first opened our doors in September 2004, we offered art-based half-day programs in Italian, French and Spanish. Along with the visual arts, I wanted to give children the opportunity to delve into their imaginary world using the tools of theater as their guide. That year, I had the fortune of meeting Francois Carre, playwright and theater actor, who shared my views on teaching and learning and who created the theater and creative writing programs at Hands on World.

Throughout our years of operation, we have continually refined our efforts to shape a space of freedom where the human mind can develop its innate abilities to question, create, understand, reflect and learn.